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Encounter is designed for young people aged 11-17. The aim is simply to engage, involve and inspire as many young people in knowing and following Jesus. Our famous Bantersaurus café opens for bacon baps and fruit smoothies and is mixed in with a worship environment that looks to be helpful to young people at any stage of faith.

The team is available throughout the afternoon to chat, pray or just relax at our dedicated youth venue with regular games of football and ultimate frisbee constantly on the go.

Talks filled with humour, wit and Jesus. Each year brings it’s own theme for the week which is supported by the messages brought each meeting. Our aim is simple: to inspire each young person to fall more in love with Jesus than when they first arrived.

Once the meeting has started to wind down, our team’s social begins. Ranging from a site-wide hunt the leader to VolleyBIGball, each evening we design socials to help the young people make new friends and have fun. Some of the best memories will involve these socials!

Our team is passionate about seeing young people discover who they are in Jesus’ eyes as well as helping them feel inspired and supported as they go through one of the most unstable times of growing up. With all this in mind we are fully committed to spending the entirety of the week praying for and chatting with every person that walks into the venue.