“Thank you all leaders. Ollie had an amazing week and seems to have been really impacted.”

“She absolutely loved it, she really loved every second of it and is really excited about God again. Thank you so much to everyone who gave so much xxx”

“The dedication of the whole team to give the best week possible to our children was ovewhelming. They were safe, they were happy and they would not stop talking about it!"


CRECHE (1-4yrs)
Please contact us if you have a baby under 1yr

Crèche is available for children under five years old. Our aim is to create a warm and friendly environment where children can relax, make friends and have lots of fun! Our programme will involve free play, singing with action songs and musical instruments, Bible stories, crafts and games.

Daily, 09:40-12:30. For 1-4 year olds (pre-school) 

TIME: 9.40am-12.30pm
WHERE: Indoor within Racecourse facilities


KIDS - XPLORE:5-7 Year olds

In X:Plore sessions we will become time-travellers journeying back to explore some of the most exciting stories from the Bible. The journey will include storytelling, magic tricks, puppets, quizzes, craft activities, songs and games . Stand by for a week of fun, meeting up with old friends and making new ones as we discover God’s amazing plan for our lives!

Daily, 09:40-12:30. For 5-7 year olds (School Year R-2) 

KIDS - ACTIV:8 - 8-11 Year olds

Activ:8 aims to help children learn more about Jesus in a fun and creative way, providing opportunity for them to discover their own personal relationship with Jesus. The sessions will involve a mix of worship, interactive talks, creativeprayer, small group times, arts, drama, dance & games. 

We are looking forward to meeting our ‘Activ:8ers’ to spend the week activating faith!

Daily, 09:40-12:30. For 8-11 year olds (School Year 3-6) 
WHERE: Indoor within Racecourse facilities


YOUNG PEOPLE (11 to 17yrs)

At Encounter we love figuring out, discussing and hearing about the love of Jesus and what that looks like in our lives. We love building friendships based around the love of Jesus, embracing the week bylaughing together, praying together, and having crazy socials. You won’t want to miss it!

Daily, 09:40-12:30 & 19:15-21:15. For School Year 7+

TIME: 9.40am-12.30pm and 7pm-11pm

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Aimed at parents and children wanting to come into an worship environment together. Every afternoon at 4.15pm.

Additionally, we are aiming to create a family friendly environment which means your kids loving being at the festival and having plenty that they are looking forward to.

edgefest18b - 92.jpg


All week long, we will have an inflatable assault course for the kids to bounce and race.

edgefest18 - 112.jpg


There is a full programme for the kids including our 'All Age Worship' in the late afternoons. Come with your kids and join in with all kinds of activities, crafts, games and music.

Relaly popular in 2018, back in 2019!

And finally...

At Edgefest, every day is a fun day!! We are going to be having all kinds of fun going on that your family can get involved with. The highlights include Giant crocker, Treasure Hunt, Danish Long Ball, Mini Olympics, Scavenger Hunt and much more!